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  !!!! LIFE SAVING ALERT !!!!!. Everyone needs to have a backup of their data every night in order to be able to save lives every day and night. If you want to get a Back-up of your data, because Ultimately you should be backing up all of your data every day, Call MicroKey to get the details at 407-870-0040 EXT 4131. Having that data base crash due to weather or hardware can really put a serious situation into your business life. In some cases MKS is able to help recover the data, but in others, data was completely lost or at least lost back until their last back-up which in some cases was months prior to data loss. MicroKey can offer you Micro Vault which is used to back your data up every night and should be used even if you use CLUSTER to have a secure copy of your data to recover in case of failure. Please make sure you have the MicroKey Week-end and Nightline number in case of emergency. Email jmaglio@microkey.com
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