Folder Permissions and Registry Permissions for proper operation of the Millennium series applications

Folder Permissions and Registry Permissions for proper operation of the Millennium series applications

Client Systems (PC's with Millennium MKMS.exe and MKMSCS.exe - and subordinate applications installed) must be able to access the working folder of the application and appropriate Registry keys.

It is not necessary or a requirement to have a user with FULL local administrative privileges.   

We have always assigned the rights to the Built in local group called USERS i.e.                 Users (MachineName\Users)             -          as shown in image. 
In the example image the MachineName is 6F0220

The Working folder root is \Program Files (x86)\MKS  - assign Full control at this level and allow all Files and Sub Folder and Files below it.

Navigate to your working root folder \Program Files (x86)\ 

1 Right Click on MKS - select Properties 
2. Click Edit 
3. Highlight Users (MachineName\Users) and make sure the 'Full Control' is selected under 'Permissions for Users'

The Registry keys for the Application are as follows.  


The same principle applies to this registry key  - Users (MachineName\Users)

Run regedit 

Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Mks

1. Right Click on Mks 
2. Highlight Users (MachineName\Users) and make sure 'Full Control' is selected under 'Permissions for Users'

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