Export Subscriber List with Emails

Export Subscriber List with Emails

You can get this list via the Subscriber Listing report in MKMS and have it exported to excel. In order to do this follow these steps:


1) Got to Menu – Reports – Subscriber Listing

2) Once on the Subscriber Listing dialogue box click on the Print Special button

3) On the Fields section scroll down to the Email field.

4) Then for the Field Value enter in the @ symbol

5) And the Search Type box select “Partial Match Anywhere”  (All seen below)

6) The select OK.

7) The Report will display as seen below.

8) Then click on the Tab called “Data View”

9) Once in the Data View you will see that one of the columns is the Email address.

10) You can then click on the Button to export to Excel (Seen Below)

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