How to setup ODBC Driver/Connection 64 bit

How to setup ODBC Driver/Connection 64 bit

How to setup your ODBC?

  1. Search your Start Menu in Windows for ODBC

  1. Select Add

  1. Select SQL Anywhere 17 (If not listed please select the next SQL Anywhere available)

  1. Select ODBC Tab:
  • Data Source Name: Your Database Name (MKMSDEFAULT)
  • Check Microsoft Applications & Delphi Applications

  1. Select Login Tab:

User ID: Enter your MKMS Username 

Password: MKMS Password

Action: Connect to a running database on another computer.

Server Name: Your server name. (MKMS)

Database Name: Your database name (MKMSDEFAULT)

  1. Once all required tabs are filled out. Go to ODBC Test Your connection

If test is Successful then congratulations your ODBC has been setup!

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