Micro Key Solutions NiteLine Support

Micro Key Solutions NiteLine Support

Micro Key Solutions NiteLine Support Instructions

What is NiteLine?

NiteLine is a pre-arranged service available to all MKS customers requiring EMERGENCY technical support outside of standard business hours. 

What is Emergency Technical Support?

Emergency Support is defined as a critical work stoppage issue that prevents your business from functioning to serve your customers.  These are:
  1. Inability to receive or process alarm monitoring signals.  (This is considered property/life safety operations.)
Please note that Windows and Network Server Maintenance that causes an outage is not a Micro Key Support emergency outage.  Please ensure that all network, server, and Windows maintenance is done during standard Support Hours.  

When does Micro Key offer NiteLine Support?

NiteLine Support is offered:
  1. Monday-Friday 7:00 PM to 8:30 AM Eastern Time (US)
  2. Saturday, Sunday, and US Holidays 24 Hours

Who can use NiteLine Support?

NiteLine Support is offered to All Micro Key Customers with CURRENT technical support services.
If you do not currently have NiteLine support services, fees may apply.

How do I Contact NiteLine Support?

  1. Call Micro Key Solutions at 407-508-3080
  2. At any time during the Auto attendant announcement enter the PIN number - 657911
  3. Listen to and follow the Voice Prompts and provide:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your Company Name
    3. The number we can best reach you about this issue.
    4. A brief description of your issue.  
  4. An On-call technician will respond to your call on the number provided.

Please note:

  1. Any call to NiteLine is charged to and noted on your account, whether or not you require service.
  2. Non-critical business items submitted through NiteLine call may be charged an additional fee.
  3. If we cannot reach you at the number provided we will attempt to call the number on your Support record.  Please be sure your record contains your current and most up to date telephone number(s).  Please review your support record and credentials.  https://support.microkey.com/support/microkey/ShowHomePage.do?insideReactApp=true&articlestatus=published#Solutions/dv/379140000055555069/en

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