MKMS Launches but does not display on screen

MKMS Launches but does not display on screen

This is for Stark 35.xxxx versions

Below are some steps that you can go through in order to get it back to screen. If these do not help. Please let tech support know and we can connect and remove the user setting for that user so that it defaults to the main screen again.

Before starting, be sure that the user is not currently logged into the software.

1) Open MKMS with the MKS Admin user
2) Go to Maintenance - Employee
3) Search for the Employee in question.
4) in the Tab on the window go to the last one on the right called "User Settings"
5) Easier if you order the columns by the "Section" name by clicking on the Section column.
6) You will then scroll down to find the section named "MainForm"
7) There you will double click each of the following lines and then Delete the Setting Value and click on Update.


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