Mobile VO validated error troubleshooting

Mobile VO validated error troubleshooting

Make they are all a T or A (Tech or All)

Make sure they have a schedule under employee -- Tech/Employee module for days, time in and time out

This script may help you below :




      --      7210 as [Subject],

          --  7210 as Username,       

            EMail = isnull(Email, '...'),          

            Fullname = [Name],

            [Admin] = cast(0 as bit),


            DealerId = DealerCode,

            EmployeeCode as DbId,

            Validated = convert(bit, 1)




            employeetype in ('A', 'T')

            and (DateFired is null or DateFired > today())

            and VirtualOperatorID = 7210

            and VirtualOperatorPassword = 9545

            and AccountLocked = 'F'

            and (TechLoginDays) > 0

            and convert(time, now())  between TechLoginStart and TechLoginStop

        ORDER BY   



This is an extra script below:

select Name,VirtualOperatorID,EmployeeType from DBA.Employee where VirtualOperatorID is Not NULL

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