Sizing Logo for Receipt Emails

Sizing Logo for Receipt Emails

                                                                                                                                    Sizing Logo for Receipt Emails
Getting images to the proper size for receipt emails can be accomplished easily by following the steps in this document.
These steps to do this are performed using IrfanView as the editor, which can be found at You will need your logo to be:
• At least 100 px in height or 325 px in width (preferably). If it is too small, it will be grainy.
• JPG preferably for file size and to ensure there are no transparent backgrounds
• White Background (preferably) or any solid color (it will show as a colored box)
To resize with IrfanView, do the following:
• Open the original image with IrfanView
• Crop the image to what portion that you want and press CTRL-Y to crop. This should only be done if there is a lot of White space at the top or bottom of the logo that you want to remove.
• Look at the bottom left of the window to see the size of the current image. It will show W (width in pixels) x H (height in pixels) x PP BPP for the Width, Height, and Bits Per Pixel.
Resize Image
• Resize with these steps using CTRL-R:
o Select Set new size:
o Select Units: pixels
o Select Preserve aspect ratio (proportional)
o Select Apply sharpen after Resample
o Select Adjust DPI based on new sizes (asp. Ratio)
• If the width is greater than the height, enter Height: 300 and click OK.
o Note that a smaller size could be used, not less than 150 recommended.
• If the height is greater than the width, enter Width: 120 and click OK.
o Note that a smaller size could be used, not less than 60 recommended.
• Type S to save the resulting logo, select JPG from the Save as type dropdown, and provide a name to save in the selected folder. i.e. Logo.jpg
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