Update Company Logo

Update Company Logo

Below you will find the steps in order to update or insert your company logo into MKMS.


Note: Please make sure to save the Image file as a Bitmap image. Additionally for the correct results please make sure that the Pixel dimensions are (944x246) 944 Horizontal X 246 Vertical.


  1)      Sign into MKMS with a user that has Update permission to User Options.

  2)      Select Menu – Maintenance – User Options.

  3)      Once open, Click on the left had tab called Logo


  4)      Now you want to click on the Choose button

  5)      Then in the Browse window navigate to the location of you logo.

  6)      Click on Open

  7)      Now you should be able to see the image in the Window that previously said “Click to see image”

  8)      Next select Stretch image to fit.

  9)      Then select Save.


You should now have you Logo image uploaded and ready to have it show up on the various MKMS Reports.

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