Micro Key Software Support Site / Emergency Daytime Support / Submit a Ticket

Micro Key Software Support Site / Emergency Daytime Support / Submit a Ticket

Micro Key Solutions provides software support through our online support portal at https://support.microkey.com/.  This site is available 24 hours a day and is used for NON Emergency support questions and answers.  In order to utilize our support  services a customer must be under a current support and maintenance agreement.  We will require a list of authorized users 

First Name, Last Name, email address 

Someone at Micro Key will add these users to our support database and then each user in the list will receive an invitation email from the support site. 
Read the 'Invitation_walk_through.pdf' PDF that is attached to this article.

When the user clicks on the email they will be taken to the support site and asked to enter a PASSWORD for a site login.  Please provide at least one phone number where this contact can be reached.
When this process is complete, these users will then be able to create support request tickets into our tracking system and a support representative will be assigned to work with you to resolve your issues.  
Read the 'How_to_Submit_a_Ticket_for_ZOHO.pdf' PDF that is attached to this article.

We provide Emergency Support during business hours through our office phone system.   To obtain Emergency support for your applications one of the following conditions should exists as you are JUMPING over existing support requests from the online ticketing system.  Abuse of this system may incur additional support fees determined by our staff.  

Central Station Monitoring Down / Daytime Emergencies / and Niteline After hours Emergencies 
  1. Your Monitoring Center is unable to reasonably process signals by any means or is unable to provide adequate emergency response to your subscribers, i.e.
    Unable to receive signals from Alarm receiving devices, All users unable to access /log in to the system database
Accounting Down / Daytime Emergencies 
  1. Your users are unable to access / log in to the system database. 
  2. You are unable to process your recurring revenue billing or process your payment cycles.
You can utilize this service by calling our office at (407) 870 - 0040 Listen for the option 'Emergency Business Hours Technical Support'  

Press 1 for 'Emergency Business Hours Technical Support' 
Press 1 for 'Central Station Down'
Press 2 for 'Accounting Down' 

We also provide After Hours Emergency Support (NiteLine) for our Central Station Monitoring Centers.  This is an additional support service that must be subscribed to but allows for your company to contact an on call Technician for After Hours Emergency Support Issues.   If you are interested in this service please contact Chris Lientz for a service quotation.  
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