Update for Email in MKMS When Using SMTP

Update for Email in MKMS When Using SMTP

Due to recent changes in the Office 365 Security settings, customers that are using SMTP in MKMS require an update. Here is how to update those settings easily on your own.

For MKManaged Hosted customers, enter a ticket at https://support.microkey.com and we will install this update since all the work is done on the server. There are no changes on the workstation at the local level required.

For those that are running MKMS locally, follow these steps to successfully update the needed files and verify the update works for you:
  1. Download these two files on each PC that runs MKMS:
    1. sendEmail.exe : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxr8s1xodginp8i/sendEmail.exe?dl=0
    2. Strawberry Perl : https://www.dropbox.com/s/36u2866pdv4d90a/strawberry-perl-
  2. Copy the sendEmail.exe file into the MKMS folder generally installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\MKS\MKMS on the workstation. There will be an existing copy of sendEmail.exe already there that can be replaced with this version.
  3. Run the Strawberry Perl installer following the default prompts and installation location. If a prompt is received from UAC prompting if you want to allow changes to be made, select Yes. When prompted at the end of the installation, un-check the Read README file checkbox and click Finish.

  5. After the install is complete, send an email from MKMS and verify that it works as expected.

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