ZOHO - Using the Micro Key Solutions Ticketing System @@ PROPERLY! @@

ZOHO - Using the Micro Key Solutions Ticketing System @@ PROPERLY! @@

This is just a short KB article for anyone that uses the Micro Key Solutions support ticketing system.  https://support.microkey.com/ 

You may need to WHITELIST this email address depending on your email host and IT email provisioning - support@microkeysolutions.zohodesk.com please contact whomever handles you email services for support.

Our staff, particularly support and implementation and even development use the support.microkey.com ticketing system heavily.  We know you can just use your email to reply to messages but keep in mind these few pointers to he us keep it organized, easier to read, and fast for everyone.  

Please help us keep the ticketing system clean and easier to read!!

When you open a ticket online, or respond to a ticket through the portal or through your email software, please be aware of extraneous information in your emails.  For example,

1.      Please remove any email signatures - especially if they contain graphics.  We know who you are - so the signature is superfluous and just clogs up the ticketing system.  If you need to leave us a number where you can be reached simply include that in a brief numerical text.  Please only include graphics to help the support staff with any issues you may be trying to describe or document.  

When replying to a ticket you can leave the previous reply in the body of the message so you can see what you are replying too; but , when you are ready to transmit the message: 

2.       Please remove the previously replies or quoted ticket information, i.e. the message you are responding to does not need to be sent to the system again.  Previous replies are already in the ticket.  Not doing this can cause the tickets to become overloaded with repeated information.  In some cases the Web based portal tries to do a good job of limiting the viewable text to just the most recently replied content but we have seen some tickets just repeat the same information over and over.  

This will help keep the size of our ticketing database to a minimal one, it will help make it easier to follow the tracking of the ticket, make it easier to read and should keep it faster for everyone.  

Thank you for your continued support!
Micro Key Support Staff
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